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About Us

The Hasanogullari


2006 Our company was founded in;
Started with fast reliable and timely delivery password, As of today, it has managed to deliver the goods of more than 1000 manufacturers annually to more than 5000 Russian and European customers..

14 Our company, which has been carrying out a guaranteed and affordable price for years; it made immediate, It quickly gained ground among Russian and European companies..

Our business is not just carrying goods; guarantor between sender and receiver, Hasanoğulları has been the first choice of customers who know that they are a part of safe trade..

2006We have established in ;Turkey - trade bridge between Russia and Europe; 23 self-owned vehicle, European, İstanbul – Bursa – Moskova’daki ofis ve depolarıyla piyasanın öncü firmalarına hizmet vermektedir.

our vision

our vision, eWith integrated logistics solutions, offering customers more than logistics, guiding tomorrow of the sector with its current experience, especially its customers, To be one of the most preferred logistics actors on a global scale by all its stakeholders.

Our Mission

  • Innovative and empowering the global industry experience,
  • Adopting the principle of increasing the competitiveness of customers with integrated services,
  • Providing benefits to all its stakeholders with a cost-oriented and sustainable commitment approach.,
  • High performance offered by the customer in the supply chain,taking logistics service to efficient and corporate solutions to the next level,
  • Transparent, is to be a reliable and strategic solution partner.

Our values

  • Satisfaction of Employees and Customers
  • Creativity and Perfection
  • Social Responsibility Awareness
  • Honesty and Transparency
  • Respect for Local Cultures
  • Competition and Justice
  • Equality and Security
  • Responsibility